2016 is here: 4 Tips to Achieve Your 2016 Goals!

We are pretty sure you probably inked (or typed) your resolutions and have probably broke one or 2 on that immaculate list? Am I spot on? We are already halfway past the first week and if you have not, kudos to you. Statistics have shown that it’s tougher to keep your resolution than a good looking partner. The truth is that most people give up their goals/resolutions within the first week. Amazing yet sad but true.

There are many debates going on between proponents of growth hacks and the productivity schools that it’s hard to actually draw a line on what works and what does not work. It is simple. Why? It is because you are different from me. No two people are the same. My plan may not work for you and your plan may not work for me but the consensus is if you do write down your goals and do some kind of affirmations they have a higher chance of sticking through… till God knows when that is. Have you tried them? Having the desire to do this speaks volume regardless of whether we meet the objectives at the finishing tape or not. It is better than not trying at all is it not?

So to kick off 2016, I am going to give you some suggestions to ensure your personal and business goals will be met. These are some methods which I came across and have helped many people kick habits, form new ones as well as transform their lives. I am going to give you some cool tips on achieving your goals in 2016! Don’t take my words for it… why don’t you just give it a go? It is worth a try.

Tip 1

Ensure your objective is specific and crystal clear. Don’t make an ambiguous statement and think that you can achieve it as your mind will not have a clear impression on the exact goal you want. Ambiguity leads to inaction. So be precise on what exactly you want to achieve in 2016. For example, instead of saying I want to improve my sales this year, break down the figures and indicate how many clients you want per month. This breaking down allows your brain to see things clearer and helps you take precise action.

Tip 2

I know you are not a soldier nor would you want to aspire to be a contractor. What is drill down? Well this does not refer to the act of using a drill. It simply enhances point 1 to a more detailed perspective. Suppose you want to get 5 clients, how many prospects do you have to see? How many calls do you have to make? How many ads do you have to spend on? So do your sum and you will have a clearer picture. So work backwards and you will find a statistic which actually proves the outcome hence by following that, you can attain your goal of 5 or x number of clients per month.

Tip 3

Visualization is a great technique. It is recommended by motivational gurus and leaders of the business world. It is simple. Visualize what your goals are and what it will feel like to achieve them. Some tell you to go as far as feeling as if you have already achieved them. Take some time alone and meditate on these goals and sooner or later your subconscious mind will let you attain it and drive your body forward. Keep doing it from time to time and put yourself back on track if you seem to start drifting away.

Tip 4

Obstacles will come. They come fast and hard in this material world. This should be of no surprise but do not let them bring your morale down. Don’t let anything get in your way and ensure that you do whatever it takes to get your goal. No one can stop you except you yourself. Our mind is our greatest enemy as well as our best friend so make your mind your friend and the mind will help you attain your goals in 2016. Stick to your goals like super glue and don’t ever peel away. To attain something wonderful you need to work hard. So get to work ! Put in some sweat equity and never give up. Soon you can realise your objectives if you keep plugging away.

Take a look at this motivational video and we hope this will motivate you to achieve greater success in 2016! All the best!

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