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Benchmark Case study

Benchmark Electronics is a listed multi - billion dollar enterprise with an international presence. Benchmark has been making successful products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) since 1986. As a worldwide provider of integrated electronics manufacturing, design and engineering services,they are a world-leading, top -10 EMS company.

We were invited to discuss and resolve on their problem of too much paper based manual work and communication issues between their suppliers and themselves which had led to loss of productivity hence eating into their profitability. We suggested an automation of their whole communication channel between them and their suppliers for their whole manufacturing process including forms, emails and interactions.

An online portal which integrates both parties was mooted which will be hosted on their servers and to be built on robust platform with quick loading speed and ease of accessibility. Security was also paramount because it contained very confidential aspects of their business. Since a user friendly navigation and process is paramount, we sat through a few rounds of discussion before the GUI and process mapping was done and everyone agreed to move to the next phase of development. There were many features and layers and permission access for different users and audit trails were included as well. The application well developed for users to access the system on devices as well with proper tracking of access and document usage while proper metrics and graphs were used for statistics and reports for management usage. The whole customised software was built based on their needs to improve the process and to improve the business.

The whole process took 5 months to complete and it was implemented to the trial audience for UAT ( user acceptance test) before releasing to the whole company en masse. Everyone was very satisfied with the outcome. Productivity improved by 30% and the communication channels were enhanced via the portal. There was a 40% reduction in the unwanted use of telecommunication for clarification between both parties due to the intricate checklist and verification methods for the forms. There was tracking enabled so that the old issue of “ MISSING EMAILS or LOST IN TRANSLATION ” excuses were eliminated as everything was registered and being processed via the portal and no one can give any more excuses for delays etc.

The management of benchmark were so impressed and delighted by the robustness and efficiency that the application brought, they commissioned De Mellows to do up a customer portal and to merge both systems together for greater seamless integration and a one stop online app for Benchmark staff to manage their customers and suppliers. So within 6 months of completing the Supplier application, we built the Customer portal and integrated both these platforms as a single integrated application to boost their productivity and to reduce redundancy, loss of lag time between parties as well as to improve tracking and accountability. It was another huge successful project implemented by De Mellows for Benchmark electronics a multi billion dollar company to further boost its business.

“The De Mellows team is an exceptionally creative and professional bunch. Their service was amazing and they did a good job for us. They did an analysis on my company and the direction we wanted and gave us favourable inputs. Unlike other digital agencies who just wanted to get a quick bang for the buck by implementing the solution without understanding our needs ,customer profiles and wants, they went out of the way to study our business model as well as other leading players in our industry and advised us on what to do and what not to. After the CRM implementation and their marketing strategy , my business has grown significantly in a matter of weeks. Our incoming leads have since tripled! They are a great partner for us to grow fast and that is what we have wanted as well. Well done! “
Steven Chen
Director - 3D Innovation

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