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Whу You Shоuld Focus on Conversions And Just Not Traffic Alone.

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Yоu, аnd еvеrу single company out there, are obsessed with generating sales. To generate sales you need good traffic. But a lot of people don’t understand that traffic is not the solution.

You create different sources of traffic, and you feel like you are doing something really fantastic. You feel like a superhero laughing at your enemies (competitors) that are waiting to be destroyed by your ingenious strategies. Wahahaha!

Rеligiоuѕlу, dау in dау оut, you’re сhесking your analytics tо ѕее hоw many viѕitоrѕ your wеbѕitе iѕ gеtting аnd whеrе they аrе соming frоm. You feel happy knowing you are doing something positive.Yоu ѕmilе ѕmuglу аѕ уоu see уоur viѕitоr numbеrѕ inсrеаѕе; you аrе invincible bесаuѕе уоu are bringing in 5 timеѕ the trаffiс оf your соmреtitоrѕ. But then, so what?

If you’re thаt аmаzing, whу are your competitors mаking mоrе mоnеу and getting more leads thаn уоu? Why are they expanding their business, while you are stuck trying to sort this whole online marketing thingy which does not seem to really pan out well. Why does it seem as if their brand is more recognised and well received by the market? Something you are doing is not right. Hmmm.. what is it? What’s happening to уоur trаffiс ideas? Not working out is it?

Running a business is tough. Thеrе’ѕ so much tо think аbоut аnd only a finitе аmоunt оf mоnеу tо rеinvеѕt. Don’t get me wrong. You are right about traffic. Even if it comes from SEO, SEM, social, email, offline marketing or even paid media, it does work. But you are fixing just a piece of a big puzzle. It is not just traffic that matters. There is more to that to build a successful business even if you do not sell anything online but more so if you are.

Yоu рrоbаblу ѕtаrtеd оut with an ‘OK’ or even a good looking wеbѕitе thаt уоu got done by some company and fillеd it with content yourself. With a bit оf hеlр frоm уоur marketing guy (оr girl) уоu’vе gоt trаffiс hеаding уоur wау in drоvеѕ, but something strange iѕ hарреning.

When уоu lооk at уоur ѕаlеѕ (i.е. соnvеrѕiоnѕ), they аrеn’t reflective of thе number оf viѕitоrѕ you’re getting.



Uh huh! It is bесаuѕе уоur wеbѕitе аnd the соntеnt in it are not probably up to scratch! Something is not really working, is it?

Look аt it thiѕ way, if you have a store in a place where there is a lot of human traffic, and this store has a ѕtunning windоw diѕрlау, potential сuѕtоmеrѕ will flock through your doors. Whеn thеу gеt in, if your рrоduсtѕ аrе haphazardly ѕtrеwn here аnd there and уоur ѕаlеѕ tеаm are lоitеring in соrnеrѕ discussing what thеу’rе going tо bе doing аt thе wееkеnd do you think they will be keen to do business with you.Thе сhаnсеѕ are they’ll turn arоund аnd find a different shop thаt’ѕ mоrе welcoming and has a lot more appealing factors for them to shop. It is not about aesthetics of the outlet anymore. It is also not solely about price. It is about how you strategically work your products and services to appeal to these people. It is a multi-pronged approach.

So similarly, that is precisely what should happen to your website as well. You should ensure that it is built for conversion. Converting your leads to clients with strategies that work based on the nature of your offerings. It is a science. Shooting from the hips won’t work.

Yоur online marketing or an SEO/SEM/SMO agency probably hаd dоnе аn аmаzing jоb luring реорlе tо your website but bесаuѕе уоu’vе gоt a site that isn’t equipped to convert leads to clients, thеу’rе lеаving straightaway. In other words, you are leaking money every time someone comes in. You are pretty much giving it away! This is serious!

Yеѕ, driving traffic iѕ imроrtаnt tо gеt реорlе tо уоur wеbѕitе, but it’ѕ the user-friendly dеѕign and, more imроrtаntlу, thе content and the different engagement tools thаt will gеt thеm to ѕtау and potentially do business with you. Most companies just focus on ensuring it looks nice but that is 100% wrong. Don’t get me wrong. You need a good looking site but functionality always supersedes aesthetics.

There are many issues at hand when analysing a site and these are just a few things that must be looked at or implemented:

1) Proper Conversion tools and software

2) Copywriting

3) User interface

4) User experience

5) Incentives to allure ( Not necessarily discounts etc)

6) Using social proof

7) Employing multimedia

8) Proper CTAs ( Call to action )

9) Deploying landing pages instead of driving traffic to the main site

10) Emphasising your USP and if you don’t have one .. get one!

11) Using quality images

12) Reducing permutations when it comes to options

13) Analyse using different software and continue testing

Strategies must be implemented from the brand perspective and not based on the uniqueness of the individual social media platforms. It has to be unified and stemming from the values of the brand for it to be very effective. Independent platform strategies will not be so effective if you never consider the essence of the brand.

Some common mistakes found in most Singapore SMEs and the way they go about their marketing?

They talk about features rather than benefits!

You must ensure you portray benefits rather than features and not the other way around. Most of the time it is the other way around.

Another common miѕtаkе frequently noticed is tо writе аbоut уоur соmраnу and just fall in love with that.Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know you love your company but don’t make it seem as if you are writing a love letter to Halle Berry or Kate Upton. No need to write eulogies or anything remotely close to it for an extended period! Thiѕ comes across аѕ very inwаrd facing and ignоrеѕ the nееdѕ of уоur customers.

Whеn thеу rеасh уоur wеbѕitе thеу want to instantly ѕее whаt it iѕ уоu оffеr, hоw it will hеlр thеm аnd whу thеу ѕhоuld buу it. So you have to write based on emotional appeal as well. Use emotional creativity.

If уоu write in thе ѕесоnd реrѕоn (i.е. using ‘уоu’ inѕtеаd оf ‘we’ – just like in this роѕt) уоu аrе inѕtаntlу сrеаting a rеlаtiоnѕhiр with the rеаdеr. It’s as if уоu are tаlking to thеm – it’s the writtеn еԛuivаlеnt оf eye contact. It makes it more personal, and that helps!

Uѕing, this technique, ѕhоw thеm thе bеnеfitѕ of уоur рrоduсt. Thаt dоеѕn’t mean the соlоr, ѕizе, аnd tесhniсаl ѕрес еtс., all that соmеѕ lаtеr in thе product description. Thеу will wаnt tо know hоw it will mаkе thеir lives еаѕiеr and better.

Just touched the tip of the iceberg. Employ the techniques given, and you will boost your conversion which ultimately means boosting your bottom line. You have our word for it!

Go on and give it a try.. let me know if it works. For a FREE AUDIT of your online presence and on how to grow it fast, ping us at or email today!


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8 Proven Strategies to Get More Clients For Your Dental Practice


Dentists and dental clinics are pivotal in today’s society just as much as doctors and hospitals are. They take care of our dental hygiene and more. They help us smile better. They help us look better and they very well help boost our personal health and lifestyles. As much as they are taking care of us, they are not taking care of themselves, to be precise, their business. We are talking about marketing here. Yup!

Digital marketing has the capacity to improve every organization, regardless of the nature. To get more clients and build up the brand, companies must use the latest proven strategies to reach out to their prospects and clients so as to ensure they stay ahead of the game and keep competitors at bay. Unfortunately, we don’t see it happening as much as we want to, thus we want to give some free tips on how dentists and their organizations, can improve their businesses by trying to inculcate these few steps into their overall marketing game plan.

1) Professional Website


Since everything is online, potential clients want to see what you are made of. This is typical today as everyone wants to go to your website to see your services and what kind of clinic you are running. To have a site which is not user friendly or with tabs which does not work or even worse, an ugly looking site, will just be a BIG NO NO! Ensure your site is coded well and looks aesthetically pleasing just like how we want our teeth done as well. Test that it loads fast and that it is view-able in all browsers. You can use nice pictures of your clinics and also have testimonials of clients flashing their pearly whites too. They could be even glorifying your services.

Don’t use “WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE” tag lines as they are so useless. Use special offers, promos and enticing propositions to ensure that you get their attention. A website can do wonders if you know how to market it. Sadly, it is not done right. Some just place promotions without showing the value of it and it gets diluted. Promos have to be done properly otherwise it may be construed as being too aggressive or as another form of cheap marketing. A Brand must pull and push properly to ensure it maximizes its impact.

2) Responsive or Mobile friendly



We still see websites which are not responsive which means it does not turn out well in smart phones. Remember that everyone carries a Smartphone and if they want to go for a quick clean, they will either ask a friend or Google you. If your friend refers you because you are a client and this potential client goes to your website and it looks bad, it will have an adverse effect on him/her and it will put the potential client off because your website does not show the details properly as compared to your competitors who have mobile ready website which adapts to mobiles and tablets easily. So instead of winning them over, you lose them.

3) Search Engine optimization (SEO)


My tooth feels bad or perhaps I want to go for some teeth whitening because I want to have a million dollar smile ala Tom Cruise. I immediately GOOGLE and look for dentists on the first few pages. I look through them and choose one and book an appointment. Where is your clinic? Oops! You did not optimize your website so you are nowhere to be found, while your competitors did and are in the 1st page and are getting a huge clean bite(no pun intended) of your market share. SEO is crucial and companies are spending thousands of dollars every month to ensure they rank highly so that whenever people look for dental services, their website comes up and they get easy sales from those searching them on search engines. Forget yellow pages because it is dead and dusted. SEO is a must have ammo in your marketing arsenal.

4) Search engine marketing (SEM)


Search engine marketing is similar to SEO. SEM is a paid search or otherwise known as PPC ( pay per click) . It is like an ad which appears on the top of search engines when you search on certain keywords like “dental clinic” or “dentists”. So, whenever someone clicks on your ad you pay a few dollars depending on a few factors like competition, quality scores etc. So companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc have systems which allow companies like yours to advertise and book a spot for visibility. It is a fast method to actually get clients. The problem is that SEM agencies or dental agencies that do it are doing it in a wrong fashion. They create ads and do not have a proper messaging or proposition and send their clients to their home page or an inner page or worse still, we have seen clicks which lead to an invalid page!  Even certain landing pages which we have seen created by these so called “experts” are atrocious hence the conversion is bad which means out of every 10 or 20 persons who click on your ad,  only 1 or 2 of them will book an appointment or make a call. This is traffic wastage and it can be rectified if they just knew the psychology of people. It is not just paying for ads and hoping and praying someone clicks on them. There is more to it in doing adwords or any other form of ads on Search engines. So what will work?

One needs to have a good copy as well as some neat tools and a proper landing page to ensure the conversion increases for you to get more leads. Certain scrupulous agencies are unaware of these methods yet they pass off as great SEM agencies and milk money from their clients. These clients are kept happy because they get something rather than nothing. 3 customers are better than no customer. The truth is they could have got more clients if their strategies are in place. However, being conditioned with their marketing agency they will stay with them rather than switch to another who can assure them more leads. Sentiment has no place in business. Choose what works.

5) Booking system and Notifications


A booking system will aid in boosting your productivity and customer loyalty. An application can help send reminders to prospects as well as send them birthday cards, offers and promos. It is far cheaper to market to an existing client than to get a new one. But more often than not, this is not being done. It will be good to have an online booking system where your clients can come and chat with you as well as book an appointment for an array of service which they are keen in. It automates and increases productivity and helps in customer satisfaction. This will reduce operating costs and you can channel those funds to other areas to improve your business. Management software can help in boosting customer satisfaction. It can be in the form of mobile app or even an online booking system. Statistics have shown that if clients have downloaded your mobile app, chances of them switching to a rival company is slim because they will be quite comfortable in using your app. Thus, it will prevent them from switching to another provider just because of the inconvenience the whole process takes, unless your app does not serve the client’s purpose and is just a pure crappy one. Apps can send reminders and also promos and dental tips via push notifications which can help keep your Brand in your client’s head and increase customer loyalty.


6) Content is King


Everyone now knows more about a lot of things than 20 years ago due to the availability of free information online. People understand more about dentistry than ever before because of the boom of the internet. People love to consume information and a very important tool for your marketing is to have lots of relevant content in your website. It can be in the form of a blog or even just white papers and articles. Ensure that you give away very good amount of information which can help your potential client. This will give them the impression that you know better than anyone else and they will come to you because they may see you as an authority. If you can share information which can help them, they will want to use your services because you have made them feel a bit more comfortable than a guy just showcasing his services and sticking promos all over. “Stickiness” as what we call it is a huge factor. Have content that sticks and get your marketer to write relevant articles. Google loves content heavy sites, hence will boost your SEO rankings too. You must have at least a minimum of 500 words for good impact. So go do some writing…but don’t rattle about the whole experience that goes into pulling that molar off though. Ouch!!!

7) Social Media


Content is part of an overall strategy and in today’s world, you need to be social because that is where the crowd is. Your potential clients are out there. They are waiting for you to touch base with them and to pull them in with your special unique services. You may have the best product or a great team of dentists but if they don’t know you, then it is as good as you dreaming of hiring Bill Gates as your office boy. You must have a strong presence in social media platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram,Youtube etc. The more you share, the more you gain. Running contests, promos, special offers and giveaways are some examples which you can use to gain a loyal following. You can create special content on your channels and share it with your audience. Remember that giving is gaining. If you do it right, you can definitely boost your business and build a great Brand. Many great brands use social media to gain more audience and to build their brand. To not do digital marketing is suicide in today’s context.

8) Test to Improve your ROI (Return on Investment)



We recently spoke to a dental clinic’s marketing manager recently and she doesn’t know which their best source of ROI is. They are unable to know which marketing campaigns they did and which gave them the most success and the worst results. So how can they possibly improve? They are also unable to tell if they have optimized their strategies and did any A/B testing. Ignorance is bliss but it can be fatal when you are running a business. A business can truly improve only if we know how to test and analyze properly. The onus is on the company or agency to keep on testing to see what works and what can work better. There are a myriad of strategies which can be deployed on social and online marketing and the results can come but which are the winning ones are what we need to find out so that we can bank more on that. This will help reduce the expenditure on those ineffective channels so as to reduce your marketing costs whilst boosting ROI.

Review your marketing now!

These are just 8 tip of the iceberg techniques and there are many more which can be implemented to boost your dental practice’s revenue and brand equity. Any dental agency can get more clients by implementing the above strategies as these are proven methods. We wish more companies can adopt digital marketing to get more clients for their business and not stagnate because your rivals are working with marketing agencies and consultants to get more clients which means they are stealing your market share. The digital era is here to stay and to say that “we are comfortable with our marketing efforts “is tantamount to being negligent and we all know what happened to Blackberry, Nokia, Palm and Kodak don’t we? They did not know what hit them and you won’t too if you are not keeping up with the changes of the tech world.

Visiting the dentist every year constantly helps keep our gums and teeth in great shape and so does constantly working on your marketing strategies. Leave it alone or think that you are doing a great job and you will see it rot…and I am not talking about our teeth here. Get an expert in to assess your marketing strategies and you will have a bigger and brighter smile.

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5 Advantages of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing

The industry’s constantly changing and we’re constantly learning. We love to experiment and analyze. But ultimately, we love to grow our companies. We see that aspect alone as significantly important and deeply fulfilling. With digital marketing, you can bring immediate value to the customer and to the business. What’s more worthwhile than that?

Clearly the world of technology, the online marketing phenomena is having a significant impact on how we behave socially; act as consumers and how we do business so it could be fair to say that any business that does not adapt to the new era of marketing and communications is in danger of losing out. We highlight some avenues that digital marketing will benefit any company that implements it.

1. Reduce cost

Your business can develop its online marketing strategy for very little cost and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as print, television, radio and other outdoor media. Even Google which is the de facto advertising medium is getting way too expensive and hence companies are trying to cut their SEM advertising cost by branching out or stopping. 0One good way is to look at digital to reach a wider audience at a lower cost.

2. Simple to measure

You can see in real time what is or is not working for your business online and you can adapt very quickly to improve your results. For measuring traffic to your site, you can use Google Analytics to measure specific metrics you want to achieve for your website or blog. Even for email or online marketing, they provide good insight into how many people are opening, reading and converting from your emails and marketing strategies.

3. Greater client appeal

The digital platform has the benefit of being attractive to customers in results and the easy usage that can be brought by it. It is easy to deploy, measure, and track. It also is the best way in this digital age which appeals to clients and companies alike. Online marketing gives a range of options to promote their business to the market in a quick and succinct manner depending on their budget. It is faster also to assess what works and what doesn’t as compared to traditional marketing.

4. Brand Development

Digital marketing boosts your brand’s image in a plethora of ways. A well maintained and coded website with quality content targeting the client’s needs and adding value to your target audience can provide significant value and lead generation opportunities. A proper strategy must be implemented. Just driving traffic does your website or Brand no good if the final outcome of the marketing campaign is not thought out properly. 90% of Singapore companies do run traffic campaigns on social and search without understanding what they want to establish. The same can be said for utilizing social media channels and personalized email marketing. There are other mediums in digital as well to reach and convey the right message your target audience is waiting for.

5. Greater engagement

With digital marketing you can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to take action, visit your website, read about your products and services, rate them, buy them and provide feedback which will help propel your business to the next stage of evolution. So it doesn’t take long for good publicity to enhance the prospects of your business. It is always important to keep yourself in touch with your customers and digital does it faster than most mediums. Many companies use Facebook to provide support to their clients in a rather prompt fashion engendering trust and goodwill which will then translate to more sales and increase faith in the Brand. Greater engagement always construes to positive customer satisfaction. And that means only one thing… more sales!

So utilize these pointers for your digital campaign to get more clients, increase customer satisfaction as well as boost your Brand Image.

To get a FREE AUDIT on your website, marketing and online strategy, feel free to contact us today. Email us at and get your FREE REPORT and Improve Your Business Today!