Google Adwords : 3 Mishaps to Avoid


Trying new ways to get customers? Tried Google Adwords? And if yes, do you think AdWords is justifying your ad spend by bringing you good leads? If your ads haven’t been working out for you, it’s actually more likely to be because of something you’re not doing right.

Google AdWords is a proven lead generation system. It has the potential to be one of your most powerful marketing tools. However, there are a lot of mistakes you can make which will kill your chances of success. To make this article short and sweet, let us look at 3 common ones.


1. Sitting back and expecting results
As with any good marketing campaign, with Google AdWords you need to put in a lot of effort to ensure your ads are built for results. You can’t just create an ad, launch it and expect to sit back and do nothing.

Ads need to be tweaked at least once per week. They need to be analysed to see which keywords are working and how many click-throughs they’re getting. Keywords and customer requests change frequently so you need to stay abreast of these in order to ensure you run a good or rather a great campaign.

2. Linking to a poor quality landing page
A lot of times we try to narrow it down to the wrong things. Sometimes it’s not actually the ad itself that’s the problem – It’s the landing page that it’s linking to. Sad but true.

If you appear to be getting a good number of click-throughs, yet you aren’t increasing your sales, it’s time to take a hard look at what is the issue with the landing page where your potential customer visits. Why are they not buying or generating an interest in your product or service. Adding videos, testimonials and other freebies can enhance your chance of getting more enquiries. A good copy also must be taken into consideration to persuade the lead to share his/her contact details.

3. Trying to include too many keywords
We always want more or to more precise, we want . We want to exhaust everything. You may think that it is only logical that the more keywords you include, the more traffic you’re going to attract. However, it’s actually more effective to keep it simplified, clever and neat.Using targetted keywords are the way to go instead of just using up all the real estate that Google gives just to ensure that we “ TAKE IT ALL “.

More keywords surrounding your product or service can aid your company to show up more frequently in search. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get more visitors. Consumers are seeking relevant, exact results when they use a search engine. The more specific your keywords are, the more visitors the ad will attract.

Of course, there’s also the added bonanza that relevant, specific keywords are favoured by Google. So, you’ll end up paying less for the advertisement on Adwords, cutting your AdWords budget dramatically.

In essence, there are a couple of errors you can make, but the ones above do tend to be some of the most common. It takes skill, time and effort to run a successful AdWords campaign. Ideally you should have multiple campaigns running at the same time; each focusing on different keywords if you want to see the best results.If in the event you are not really an expert or not qualified, you can always hire an agency to run the show and you can focus on other areas of your business where you think you are ailing or probably needs your attention.

It is always wise to do what you do best and let the SEM agency do what they do best. Working hand in hand can always be a formula for success!

2016 is here: 4 Tips to Achieve Your 2016 Goals!


We are pretty sure you probably inked (or typed) your resolutions and have probably broke one or 2 on that immaculate list? Am I spot on? We are already halfway past the first week and if you have not, kudos to you. Statistics have shown that it’s tougher to keep your resolution than a good looking partner. The truth is that most people give up their goals/resolutions within the first week. Amazing yet sad but true.

There are many debates going on between proponents of growth hacks and the productivity schools that it’s hard to actually draw a line on what works and what does not work. It is simple. Why? It is because you are different from me. No two people are the same. My plan may not work for you and your plan may not work for me but the consensus is if you do write down your goals and do some kind of affirmations they have a higher chance of sticking through… till God knows when that is. Have you tried them? Having the desire to do this speaks volume regardless of whether we meet the objectives at the finishing tape or not. It is better than not trying at all is it not?

So to kick off 2016, I am going to give you some suggestions to ensure your personal and business goals will be met. These are some methods which I came across and have helped many people kick habits, form new ones as well as transform their lives. I am going to give you some cool tips on achieving your goals in 2016! Don’t take my words for it… why don’t you just give it a go? It is worth a try.

Tip 1

Ensure your objective is specific and crystal clear. Don’t make an ambiguous statement and think that you can achieve it as your mind will not have a clear impression on the exact goal you want. Ambiguity leads to inaction. So be precise on what exactly you want to achieve in 2016. For example, instead of saying I want to improve my sales this year, break down the figures and indicate how many clients you want per month. This breaking down allows your brain to see things clearer and helps you take precise action.

Tip 2

I know you are not a soldier nor would you want to aspire to be a contractor. What is drill down? Well this does not refer to the act of using a drill. It simply enhances point 1 to a more detailed perspective. Suppose you want to get 5 clients, how many prospects do you have to see? How many calls do you have to make? How many ads do you have to spend on? So do your sum and you will have a clearer picture. So work backwards and you will find a statistic which actually proves the outcome hence by following that, you can attain your goal of 5 or x number of clients per month.

Tip 3

Visualization is a great technique. It is recommended by motivational gurus and leaders of the business world. It is simple. Visualize what your goals are and what it will feel like to achieve them. Some tell you to go as far as feeling as if you have already achieved them. Take some time alone and meditate on these goals and sooner or later your subconscious mind will let you attain it and drive your body forward. Keep doing it from time to time and put yourself back on track if you seem to start drifting away.

Tip 4

Obstacles will come. They come fast and hard in this material world. This should be of no surprise but do not let them bring your morale down. Don’t let anything get in your way and ensure that you do whatever it takes to get your goal. No one can stop you except you yourself. Our mind is our greatest enemy as well as our best friend so make your mind your friend and the mind will help you attain your goals in 2016. Stick to your goals like super glue and don’t ever peel away. To attain something wonderful you need to work hard. So get to work ! Put in some sweat equity and never give up. Soon you can realise your objectives if you keep plugging away.

Take a look at this motivational video and we hope this will motivate you to achieve greater success in 2016! All the best!

4 Reasons to Consider Mobile Advertising

For the past few years, a lot of advertisers have shown strong demand for mobile marketing. Such a growing trend is also expected to continue in the coming years. With the advertisements these days that go directly to the consumer’s phones, businesses can benefit from it. However, they have to understand the specific advantages of mobile marketing so that they can tailor their advertising to this new medium.
Mobile advertising is also a keyword-driven Internet advertising platform. With this type of advertising, you are able to target potential customers by utilizing appropriate keywords and geographic location. Here are the top advantages of mobile marketing that you may want to consider:
It is evident that most people nowadays have mobile phones with them handy throughout the day or night. As a business owner, it can be a good way to reach potential customers regardless of their location. With mobile advertising, you are able to follow people wherever they go. In other words, you’ll have round-the-clock access to your customers.
Size of Medium
There are 75% of people these days who own mobile phones. Of these, 55 million are smart phone users. So , this will enable your customers to access the internet by phone instead of using a computer. Thus, if you need to market to the general public, mobile advertising is the way to go because it is relevant to today’s consumer habits. Yellow pages are outmoded and so are newspapers. If you want to check something it is more convenient to just get your phone out and google it or search it from a local directory listing. Convenience is key!
Time Relevance
As most customers keep their phones turned on all day long, notifications of sales offers as well as special events will be able to reach them in real time. As you try to reach your customers, your message will be received at their convenience in almost any time of the day.
Another advantage is cost. Mobile marketing will costs just a fraction of what the traditional TV and radio ads cost. With this, you can send and repeat messages in order to remind your customers of what you are offering. The most important thing is that you get a clear ROI understanding unlike other platforms so you can plan your marketing and advertising better.
So these are some simple reasons to consider using mobile technology to market your services to local or foreign markets. The technology is changing rapidly and with it will come more opportunities to look and feel different as well as ensure that your brand comes out tops in Brand Differentiation as well as first mover impact if you stay forefront. Do not relax because your competitor are not and they are munching away your market share.
Do something. Go mobile!

What is a full Software Development Life Cycle? What do I need to take note for building great software for my company?


Software development life cycle or most commonly known as SDLC is a cycle during which software gets fully developed. It is your A to Z of getting your software done and only applicable generally for those who are looking at building a software for your IT needs. At this point in time, everyone wants some form of customised application. This is not a technical article and it is for everyone. We do not want to go into details.

First thing you need to do is gather all the requirements you need with regards to the software that you are going to use or develop.  Then think about the design. When you have already figured out all the requirements, then you should start thinking about the design known as UI ( user interface ). All you have to do is draw different wireframes or sketches of how the process and layout will look like and also the flow. You must also choose which technology you are going to use for resources plus also understand the estimated time and development.

There is also a phase called development and coding. In this phase, it is where you start developing the product.  The decision you have made in Design phase will be the basis of the code. The developers on the other hand, perform unit testing and integration testing to make sure everything works perfectly well. The codes will be checked and reviewed by senior members of the team and if the development is complete, that would be the time that the product will be sent for testing.

When we talk about testing, the development product is tested by testers or the QA Engineers. These will be for both positive and negative testing. If there are errors found on the product, it will be sent back to the development team to fix it immediately. Once it is fixed, the testers will test it again and execute regression testing (this is for testing the whole product). If it’s all good, the product will be turned over to the client for testing to see how comfy they are with the app.

One last thing to focus on is the deployment or maintenance as once everything is done completely, the product will be installed on client’s machine. And if there are troubles or some issues then the maintenance will be done by the one who developed it.

Above are some tips that you need to know with regards to building great software for your company. It’s really not easy at all but then if you have a great team doing it for you either internally or with a vendor, then you are good to go. You just need to plan everything well and the partner whom you are working with can aid you in this stage. Before you start these phases, the first thing you need to do is to talk to your company, management and users about the objectives of the project, who are your expected clients, what are the requirements, etc. This will then make it a great software!