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Thinking of selling your product to someone 500
miles away? Or how about starting a shop selling your
latest products with the shop front covering the entire face of
this world? Maybe the Web 2.0 wave has caught you too. Well our
e-commerce packages are tailored just for you and your online business.

De Mellows works with different engines. We integrate different payment gateways
like PayPal, WorldPay and even ENETS, VISA, MasterCard etc. Start your business from the
comfort of your home.

An E-commerce website sells by itself as they say. It works while you sleep! Sounds like a dream but it is
not. Companies and individuals are moving their store online to tap on the world wide audience to sell
their goods. It is definitely much cheaper than having a retail outlet without paying the exorbitant rental
and suffering from poor human traffic. An E-commerce website will sell your wares to your designated
target market locally as well as internationally. And we can help you do that!

It should be an automated system, easy to maintain and able to run with minimum intervention. If you
think you want something like that, then you should talk to us. We have done many of such website solutions
for our clients. E-commerce is a cost-effective way to market your products or services to a discerning
range of audience rather than isolate and limit yourself to the walk-in crowds at your retail outlet.

Contact us today for the best commerce solution for you.

Our Expertise

Why do E-commerce ?

  • A very low cost alternative to having a shop front
  • Accessible to targeted market including Global audience
  • Higher ROI
  • 24 hours online: An E-commerce website keeps your online shop running 24 hours a day throughout the year. You can sleep but your shop wont!
  • Elimination of the middle person which translates to increased profits
  • Automated Order processing and quicker payment processing by directly integrating your ecommerce solutions to your bank payment gateway.
  • Greater Productivity as you can tend to other stuff while your website works automatically.
  • Increased customer satisfaction as clients can purchase easily without going out of their homes.
  • Its so convenient that anyone can purchase anytime of the day without leaving their homes or office.
  • Better customer information because solutions allow exchange of information to customers efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Increase in web traffic because word of mouth goes around in the world wide web faster than the material sphere.
  • A powerful backend to track sales and inventory.
  • Submission to over 40,000 search engines


  • Love at first sight: First Impression counts! We create great looking ecommerce fronts. Your shop front must look good!
  • Brand Analysis: The Web company must understand your company and your target market. We will do a through Brand Analysis before commencing our work.
  • W3C compliant : XHTML & CSS coding, and a keen focus on website usability.Most websites arent W3C certified at all and so is not on International Standards.
  • Unlimited Revisions: We will revise your home page layout unlimited number of times until you are satisfied! We will not start coding until you are happy with the look and feel of the home page.
  • Corporate Essence: The Brand's essence should be reflected via its site with clear content and not marginal or useless info.We will exude that in our works.
  • Easy to Understand: The business slant of a company must be understood very easily without having the viewer to crack his head.
  • Quick to Find: The solution that the visitor wants should be quickly derived and not let him go on a merry go round.
  • The right amount of Flash: Too much flash in the wrong areas to impress clients can leave your website in a lurch. We know where and when to program them.
  • SEO optimised: It should be Search Engine Optmized for being detected by search Engines because there is no point of having a shop without any traffic.
  • Google Analytics: We will incorporate Google Analytics free of charge to track and analyze your visitors.
  • Copywriting : We will give you a well written article on Tips of how to have an effective Website copy. If you need help, we can get the best brains for you to get your copy done.
  • Contact Form : We will have a contact form which will have an ANTI SPAM Captcha so that SPAM doesn't waste your daily dealings
  • Build loyalty and trust: The website should win the trust of your prospects or partners visiting it.
  • FREE $50 Google or Yahoo Advertising Voucher : We will give you a $50 voucher to market your service online. This is currently the best way to get your preferred clients!
  • FREE Domain and Web Hosting of 2000MB space with 10 Email domains

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“The De Mellows team is an exceptionally creative and professional bunch. Their service was amazing and they did a good job for us. They did an analysis on my company and the direction we wanted and gave us favourable inputs. Unlike other digital agencies who just wanted to get a quick bang for the buck by implementing the solution without understanding our needs ,customer profiles and wants, they went out of the way to study our business model as well as other leading players in our industry and advised us on what to do and what not to. After the CRM implementation and their marketing strategy , my business has grown significantly in a matter of weeks. Our incoming leads have since tripled! They are a great partner for us to grow fast and that is what we have wanted as well. Well done! “
Steven Chen
Director - 3D Innovation

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You can get a powerful web solution from any company in the world but the difference is we ensure that your business is taken care like our very own business. No one else provides insights and strategies like we do. We can assure you when you seek a solution for your IT woes be it web, mobile , application development or even digital marketing, every other company will throw you a solution without even analysing any aspect of your business and why you need it.

At De Mellows, we believe in customised solutions tailored for your needs and hence we stand above our competitors. With a highly skilled team , experienced tech and marketing mavens at our helm, we can bring to you the succinct solution for your company. Many companies know what they want but they don't know what they actually need. We analyze,recommend and implement winning formulas for every business and organization.