18 May 2015

What is a full Software Development Life Cycle?


Software development life cycle or most commonly known as SDLC is a cycle during which software gets fully developed. It is your A to Z of getting your software done and only applicable generally for those who are looking at building a software for your IT needs. At this point in time, everyone wants some …

15 May 2015

5 Quick Tips on Mobile App Usability


With the rapid increase in technological innovations and digital what-not’s nowadays, it seems as if the business world has been shrouded by the irresistible desire to produce more ways to cope up with the trend. From the mobility of communication devices to the mobility and convertibility of data, down to the ease of access to …

15 May 2015

Analyze Your Business to Win


To achieve success in the competitive business world, all business management students are taught about the SWOT analysis and how it can help a business. The SWOT analysis looks at both external and internal factors that can influence any business. The analysis has proved so successful that many organizations outside the traditional business environment have …