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A person’s identity lies in this – his behavior, his dressing, his achievements and his way of speaking. Using these basic traits as parameters, the identity of a person is judged along with his reputation and utility. When it comes to judging a company, there are few parameters that need to be taken care of in order to come to a conclusion. Previously, to know about a company people used to go by the word of mouth as there was no other information available to compare, except for the company brochures or sales figures, which were difficult to acquire for an outsider. Technology over the years has evolved to such an extent that, information today has become the king. Over a million websites are present in the web sphere and are still increasing by the day. So, what do companies gain from this website revolution?

As stated earlier, the identity of a company has become an important aspect in order to stand apart from the crowd. The more interesting you make your company look, the more the consumer or customer shows interest in you. This is the ultimate truth that governs the business circles.

Websites are one such channel that your target audience look into for first hand information, the way your website looks, interacts and presents your company decides whether your target audience are captured or not. Singapore is one of the fastest evolving economies of Asia and the future looks really promising. The number of SMEs popping up everyday looks encouraging for business. In this context, a simple to use, informative and interactive website is a must for your company to stay ahead in the race and capture your audience right from their home. No matter what kind of business you posses, having a good website will do wonders to your business, be it an informative website, or an eCommerce website. Getting a website done should be your top priority. Singapore can provide you with ample reasons on why you chose a web developer here, but the 5 most main reasons are: 1. Singapore is a global hub for major imports and exports, having a website will accelerate your business profits. 2. The work force at Singapore are highly skilled and experienced, which gives you an edge over other developers. 3. The Singapore population largely purchases their good online and this is one good reason to develop an eCommerce store. 4. Cosmopolitan culture of Singapore enables to launch any kind of business catering to global audiences and developing a website is not a hassle. 5. The web development workforce of Singapore is always updated with the latest technologies and give you an affordable and reliable service. De Mellows is one such SME based in Singapore that offers 360 degree web development and mobile application services which are affordable, reliable, innovative and technically advanced. Joining hands with De Mellows ensures your business is always on the speed lane.


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Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Lee Digital Head Of De Mellows

" Our special formula is using emotional and psychological marketing tactics in our work. That is what sets us apart. We all deal with humans at the end of the day and the only way to win them over is deploying succinct emotional creativity to elicit the right reactions. Thus, that is why we are confident in getting results for clients and why our clients choose us over our rivals. They know we know our stuff."

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Ting Chen Abotaniq

We worked with De Mellows for our online marketing needs. De Mellows skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable!

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