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De Mellows is an award winning online solutions agency in Singapore and the only agency that can give you a comprehensive holistic set of solutions to boost your business. No one else does it like we do and we can guarantee that! With an innovative approach in addressing your needs, we distinguish ourselves with our unique methodologies to ensure you get what you want and more!

The aim of De Mellows is to bring a holistic approach to our clients’ woes rather than just give them what they want. It is not a one-night stand but a marriage and that is our value proposition. We work with you as if it is our business and if you want that, send us your requirements and we can talk over a cup of herbal tea.

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We focus on your business success. We focus on results. Our expert marketing specialists will help you understand where and how your money is best spent, whether that’s with social advertising or highly targeted search engine marketing.


We help you understand, reach, & retain customers by analyzing, recommending and implementing proven formulas customized for your business.


Regardless if your business is purely an online business, a ‘clicks & mortar’ hybrid or a traditional business taking its first exploratory steps into the digital world, our team will customise the most appropriate Internet marketing strategy to accomplish your business goals.


Becoming an authority increases your value and demand. You don't have to be the #1 in your industry to be the authority. Let us help you position yourself to be the authority in your space

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De Mellows Digital Agency De Mellows Digital Agency

There is no such thing as a free lunch but we still believe consultation should be free since it helps us understand your needs and to suggest solutions and ideas.Even if you do not want to work with us, we still will hold you in our hearts. Herbal tea at a coffee house anytime soon?


Most just suggest what you should have even without understand what your problem is. There lies the problem and there lies the solution as well. We diagnose your IT woes and present to you and give you the cure for it. It is free advice so call us soon for us to assess your needs.



Our special formula is using emotional and psychological marketing tactics in our work. That is what sets us apart. We all deal with humans at the end of the day and the only way to win them over is deploying succinct emotional creativity to elicit the right reactions. Thus, that is why we are confident in getting results for clients and why our clients choose us over our rivals. They know we know our stuff.

Alexandra Lee Digital Head Of De Mellows


We worked with De Mellows for our online marketing needs. De Mellows skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable!

Ting Chen Abotaniq


“Avis’s skills are impressive. He is one of the best in his field and he is also a very nice person. It's always a great event working with him.”

Manuel Marino CEO


"A true blue entrepreneur in the IT business. De Mellows runs with passion for their work, service and client follow up. Creative and detailed, the company has helped develop the style and feel for Drinks At Eight. The team has been very patient throughout and clearly understands the needs of the client. Thumbs up!"

Sue Yeo Founder - Drinks At Eight


”De Mellows did a fantastic job in creating the greatest multimedia presentation for the Asian Centre for Consulting Excellence when we worked together on an ASEAN project launch recently. The skills are setting them apart from most others as does their dedication and innovative conduct for Earned Value interests of the client. Great to be working together. Going the extra miles! Any time again De Mellows”

Peter Luiks CEO - Asian Centre for Consulting Excellence


“We have worked with DeMellows on several web projects where they have been creative, punctual and good value for money.”

Rupert Sutton FMCG Commercial Director- Exigo marketing


“We are an Australian head quartered company with an office in Singapore. Upon meeting with De Mellows team we immediately engaged them for our website and without a doubt, we made the right decision.They were very creative and came up with a great looking site and met our timeline and most of all budget.”

Imran Omar Director - Ragtraders International


“The decision to utilize a microsite to manage our invitations and publicity for our chalet at the Singapore Airshow 2014 was a first. De Mellows proved their skills in the set up of the marketing system for the event which was challenging because of the various criterion. Led by Avis and his team, De Mellows guided us through the whole process of getting the microsite up and provided great support in it's development, and was patient in accommodating our requirements. Thank you for all the assistance!”

Hamon Shen Assistant Manager - Singapore International Airlines ( SIA )


"We have had a few bad experiences with previous web companies hence there was an apprehension when we chose De Mellows for our online and software needs. But they were a breath of fresh air for us and really showed their expertise and professionalism. Their solutions are great and their support is excellent. They are a call away for my needs and it is comforting to know that good guys in the IT industry do exist. A BIG thank you!"

Tommy Lim AGT Pte Ltd


“What stood out for us was the set of holistic and unique approach he proposed. Even more respectable, was that he delivered even though the timeline given to him was too short and within a month. Kudos!"

Kazim K Advantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd


"Ferrara is proud to now have a beautifully designed and most importantly functional website. We have the team at De Mellows to thank for being able to continually adapt to our ideas and providing the support needed."

Luann Ferrara Pte Ltd


“Upon the launch of my site, I was very surprised to receive several enquiries. As the days progressed, more calls were received from interested parties requesting information on our programmes and courses. Your creativity Speaks for itself.”

Cristine Dyason Founder - Image Academy


“We have had a great experience working with De Mellows. We are already 2 years in the market and tried various ways to get more clients, but we couldn’t reach our goal. De Mellows solved this task easily in a short period of time. We didn't even expect that our customer base will increase in such a short period of time. They revamped our website and backend system, created landing pages and also created various digital platforms to bring in more clients. They also enlightened us that just doing SEM and SEO will not work which was contrary to what other digital marketers advocate. In the end, De Mellows proved their point when our sales improved. After De Mellows implemented their secret formula, our revenue shot up rapidly and it was a pleasant surprise. They are highly recommended!”

Ali Salim CEO - Hi-school.org


"The De Mellows team is an exceptional bunch. Their service was amazing and they did a good job for us for our customized software application. They did an analysis on my company and the direction we wanted and gave us favourable inputs. Unlike other IT companies who just wanted to get a quick bang for the buck by implementing an off the rack solution, they went out of the way to study our business model as well as other leading players in our industry and advised us on what to do and what not to. After the online ERP implementation, we have become more productive and faster in relating with our internal staff and our clients for sure and profits have increased 15% and this was just in a matter of months. We will be using them again in the future no doubt. Thank you! "

Steven Chen CEO - 3D Innovation


"We worked with De Mellows for our online marketing needs. De Mellows skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable! They analysed our website and online marketing methods and made a couple of changes and it was pure genius. We thought we knew how to market ourselves online but we were wrong. We highly recommend them. Thanks a million!"

Ting Chen Abotaniq


"Our company just started a new secondary business and currently we have about 10 sales per week. As we already have had a successful experience working with De Mellows on our mobile app, we asked them for a proposal on how to increase our sales along with a few other marketing agencies. De Mellows came back with a unique online strategy coupled with assessment on our rivals and industry specifics. We were amazed by their professionalism and in-depth expertise which the others did not bring to the table. Yes our sales improved and it is steadily increasing. There is only one company in Singapore that we trust to do our online marketing and that is De Mellows!"

Olga Kornilova Bemozza

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De Mellows is an award winning Singapore web design and digital marketing Singapore and the only agency that can give you a comprehensive holistic set of solutions to boost your business.