10 December 2020

When Branding Doesn’t Work


Branding is essential, and we are sure you have come across many benefits a strong brand brings about. We see successful brands with powerful branding such as Nike and Apple. Apple’s 2020 brand value stands at $140 billion, ranking as the third most valuable brand in 2020. However, branding is more than just having a…

24 November 2020

Why Should You Care about Brand Consistency?


Why is it important to create a consistent brand image? Inconsistency is distracting and can confuse consumers to question if they are interacting with the same brand. Achieving brand consistency will help your brand to look more professional and people are more likely to trust you. What does it mean to achieve brand consistency?  This…

10 November 2020

Making a Boring Product Fun


Do you have a product that you think might be the most boring thing that is impossible to entice your consumers to buy? That’s not true! We will be sharing 3 advertisements that turned the most mundane product into a hot selling pancake.  1. Got Milk? Who knew milk could make a brand? The iconic…

02 October 2020

7 email marketing tips that will improve your conversions

Bloggers advertising referrals. Young people with gadgets and loudspeakers announcing news, attracting target audience. Vector illustration for marketing, promotion, communication concept

Email marketing remains widely used by businesses, and we hope that by increasing your click-through rates, it will potentially improve your conversions. Here are 7 email marketing tips you need to know of.   1. Know and segment your target audience Consider these statistics by Mailchimp, which revealed that segmented campaigns get 14.37% more opens and 64.78%…

10 September 2020

7 Secrets of Instagram To Grow Your Business

Instagram Logo Around 3D Rendering Abstract Shape Background

Instagram is increasingly valuable to businesses, and you will want to establish a social media presence that will allow your brand to develop and maintain relationships with audiences through engagements. Here are 7 tips for growing your Instagram followers and engagement rates. 1. Post at the right time and use your analytics Timing is important….

13 August 2020

8 E-commerce strategies to grow your sales


In a digital era, it is increasingly important for businesses to have an online presence. Here are 8 e-commerce strategies that we hope will help grow the sales of your business. Creating a lookalike audience on Facebook A lookalike audience is an excellent way to reach new audiences that are similar to your existing customers….

30 July 2020

11 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020


Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly indispensable for businesses to accelerate their growth as we are already in a digital era. Being aware of the key digital marketing trends will benefit your business and brand in various ways, from being cost effective to building brand loyalty. Here are 11 digital marketing trends that you should be…

17 June 2020


dmmonster ad

Finally.. A lifeline to grow your business! Grants can provide a great boost to your business, and if you are on the outlook for one, you have landed at the right place! With award-winning expertise, De Mellows has got your back for all your digital marketing needs! Our 360-degree approach helps to provide holistic solutions…

02 June 2020

[PODCAST] Growing Your Business During The COVID-19 Downturn


De Mellows · EP #8 : Growing Your Business During The COVID-19 Downturn     Hey this is Max the “Mad” Marketer from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency with clients all over the world that have generated tons of success and money of course.  Today, our podcast is about something serious. COVID-19 has caused…

13 March 2020

[ PODCAST ] Episode #7: Finding Your Brand’s Purpose!


Finding Your Brand’s Purpose!   Hey everyone, Alex here from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online. Do you ever wonder that sometimes even if you have the best offers and gimmicks, but you still can’t figure out how to relate with your…

10 February 2020

B2B Content Marketing Strategy : Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketingn Marketing Strategy Commerce Online Concept

Is the process of the B2B buying cycle complicated?  In fact, it doesn’t have to be. Most agencies will tell you otherwise. We have found the “koyok” of your B2B pain.  B2B sales/ buying cycles are different from B2C but it can be seamless.   It includes several stakeholders with different agendas. Couple the aversion to…

20 November 2019

Why Are Your Paid Ads Not Working?


If you have all your AdWords down but still are not seeing the kind of returns, you would like or if you have set up a new Pay Per Click campaign account and are not getting any impressions. It is a hint you need to do a bit of account troubleshooting. The fact that your…

02 August 2019

10 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Digital Marketing Strategy


1) You Don’t Know Where You’re Going It is noticeable that many companies without digital strategy also lack an online market plan for both old and new customers. And without these objectives, it isn’t highly possible that they don’t put much-needed effort to know how much their online presence is faring.   2) You Have…

29 July 2019

Is your PPC campaign killing you? 5 Common mistakes

PPC campaign

We are taking a brief look at some of the common PPC mistakes that are found often on many sites.   Sending Visitors to Your Home Page It is a given fact that every ad created for an ad group has a destination URL or a display URL.  The one that is shown in green…

09 July 2019

5 Ways to choose a digital agency in Singapore

Digital Agency Singapore

Marketing has evolved quite fast. Traditional media is dying, and everyone is jumping to digital and hence, the influx of providers coming on board to fill the gap. There are tons of digital marketing agencies in Singapore and even in the world. How do you choose which is right for you? It can be an…

17 June 2019

What Is A Marketing Funnel And Why You Should Have One


People nowadays have developed the habit of researching on the Internet about any product or service they are planning to buy before actually purchasing it.   They use Google the ” Guru of all things”. The Internet has become an unlimited fountain of information for companies, and inbound marketing has become a priority in digital…