10 December 2020

When Branding Doesn’t Work


Branding is essential, and we are sure you have come across many benefits a strong brand brings about. We see successful brands with powerful branding such as Nike and Apple. Apple’s 2020 brand value stands at $140 billion, ranking as the third most valuable brand in 2020. However, branding is more than just having a…

24 November 2020

Why Should You Care about Brand Consistency?


Why is it important to create a consistent brand image? Inconsistency is distracting and can confuse consumers to question if they are interacting with the same brand. Achieving brand consistency will help your brand to look more professional and people are more likely to trust you. What does it mean to achieve brand consistency?  This…

10 November 2020

Making a Boring Product Fun


Do you have a product that you think might be the most boring thing that is impossible to entice your consumers to buy? That’s not true! We will be sharing 3 advertisements that turned the most mundane product into a hot selling pancake.  1. Got Milk? Who knew milk could make a brand? The iconic…

02 October 2020

7 email marketing tips that will improve your conversions

Bloggers advertising referrals. Young people with gadgets and loudspeakers announcing news, attracting target audience. Vector illustration for marketing, promotion, communication concept

Email marketing remains widely used by businesses, and we hope that by increasing your click-through rates, it will potentially improve your conversions. Here are 7 email marketing tips you need to know of.   1. Know and segment your target audience Consider these statistics by Mailchimp, which revealed that segmented campaigns get 14.37% more opens and 64.78%…

10 September 2020

7 Secrets of Instagram To Grow Your Business

Instagram Logo Around 3D Rendering Abstract Shape Background

Instagram is increasingly valuable to businesses, and you will want to establish a social media presence that will allow your brand to develop and maintain relationships with audiences through engagements. Here are 7 tips for growing your Instagram followers and engagement rates. 1. Post at the right time and use your analytics Timing is important….

13 August 2020

8 E-commerce strategies to grow your sales


In a digital era, it is increasingly important for businesses to have an online presence. Here are 8 e-commerce strategies that we hope will help grow the sales of your business. Creating a lookalike audience on Facebook A lookalike audience is an excellent way to reach new audiences that are similar to your existing customers….

30 July 2020

11 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020


Digital Marketing is becoming increasingly indispensable for businesses to accelerate their growth as we are already in a digital era. Being aware of the key digital marketing trends will benefit your business and brand in various ways, from being cost effective to building brand loyalty. Here are 11 digital marketing trends that you should be…

17 June 2020


dmmonster ad

Finally.. A lifeline to grow your business! Grants can provide a great boost to your business, and if you are on the outlook for one, you have landed at the right place! With award-winning expertise, De Mellows has got your back for all your digital marketing needs! Our 360-degree approach helps to provide holistic solutions…

02 June 2020

[PODCAST] Growing Your Business During The COVID-19 Downturn


De Mellows · EP #8 : Growing Your Business During The COVID-19 Downturn     Hey this is Max the “Mad” Marketer from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency with clients all over the world that have generated tons of success and money of course.  Today, our podcast is about something serious. COVID-19 has caused…

13 March 2020

[ PODCAST ] Episode #7: Finding Your Brand’s Purpose!


Finding Your Brand’s Purpose!   Hey everyone, Alex here from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online. Do you ever wonder that sometimes even if you have the best offers and gimmicks, but you still can’t figure out how to relate with your…

10 February 2020

B2B Content Marketing Strategy : Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketingn Marketing Strategy Commerce Online Concept

Is the process of the B2B buying cycle complicated?  In fact, it doesn’t have to be. Most agencies will tell you otherwise. We have found the “koyok” of your B2B pain.  B2B sales/ buying cycles are different from B2C but it can be seamless.   It includes several stakeholders with different agendas. Couple the aversion to…

20 November 2019

Why Are Your Paid Ads Not Working?


If you have all your AdWords down but still are not seeing the kind of returns, you would like or if you have set up a new Pay Per Click campaign account and are not getting any impressions. It is a hint you need to do a bit of account troubleshooting. The fact that your…

28 October 2019

[ PODCAST ] Episode #6: Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Giving You Results?


Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Giving You Results? Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Giving You Results? Hey everyone, Alex Lee here from De Mellows, Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online. With more than a billion daily users, Facebook is a favourite for…

02 August 2019

10 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Digital Marketing Strategy


1) You Don’t Know Where You’re Going It is noticeable that many companies without digital strategy also lack an online market plan for both old and new customers. And without these objectives, it isn’t highly possible that they don’t put much-needed effort to know how much their online presence is faring.   2) You Have…

29 July 2019

Is your PPC campaign killing you? 5 Common mistakes

PPC campaign

We are taking a brief look at some of the common PPC mistakes that are found often on many sites.   Sending Visitors to Your Home Page It is a given fact that every ad created for an ad group has a destination URL or a display URL.  The one that is shown in green…

09 July 2019

5 Ways to choose a digital agency in Singapore

Digital Agency Singapore

Marketing has evolved quite fast. Traditional media is dying, and everyone is jumping to digital and hence, the influx of providers coming on board to fill the gap. There are tons of digital marketing agencies in Singapore and even in the world. How do you choose which is right for you? It can be an…

17 June 2019

What Is A Marketing Funnel And Why You Should Have One


People nowadays have developed the habit of researching on the Internet about any product or service they are planning to buy before actually purchasing it.   They use Google the ” Guru of all things”. The Internet has become an unlimited fountain of information for companies, and inbound marketing has become a priority in digital…

12 April 2019

Why Webinars Are Awesome

Why Webinars Are Awesome

Webinars are an economical substitute to hosting an in-person event. They can also build your brand, help establish you and your company as an industry leader and generate leads to name a few.

19 September 2016

Google Adwords : 3 Mishaps to Avoid


Trying new ways to get customers? Tried Google Adwords? And if yes, do you think AdWords is justifying your ad spend by bringing you good leads? If your ads haven’t been working out for you, it’s actually more likely to be because of something you’re not doing right. Google AdWords is a proven lead generation …

08 September 2015

5 Advantages of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

digital marketing

The industry’s constantly changing and we’re constantly learning. We love to experiment and analyze. But ultimately, we love to grow our companies. We see that aspect alone as significantly important and deeply fulfilling. With digital marketing, you can bring immediate value to the customer and to the business. What’s more worthwhile than that? Clearly the world …

08 July 2015

5 Super Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Presence


What has always been some sort of a problem for business owners in Singapore and around the world? Improving their online presence. Business owners have difficulties in looking for a way that their customers find information about their products or services. How would they be able to peddle their products if their presence is not …

18 May 2015

What is a full Software Development Life Cycle?


Software development life cycle or most commonly known as SDLC is a cycle during which software gets fully developed. It is your A to Z of getting your software done and only applicable generally for those who are looking at building a software for your IT needs. At this point in time, everyone wants some …

15 May 2015

5 Quick Tips on Mobile App Usability


With the rapid increase in technological innovations and digital what-not’s nowadays, it seems as if the business world has been shrouded by the irresistible desire to produce more ways to cope up with the trend. From the mobility of communication devices to the mobility and convertibility of data, down to the ease of access to …

15 May 2015

Analyze Your Business to Win


To achieve success in the competitive business world, all business management students are taught about the SWOT analysis and how it can help a business. The SWOT analysis looks at both external and internal factors that can influence any business. The analysis has proved so successful that many organizations outside the traditional business environment have …

25 March 2015

Read this before you get your next Web designer!


To enable your product or brand to get the recognition it so rightly deserve,starts by the selection of a professional and suitable web agency or IT Company to handle the task of creating the right web design for your organization. The selected company must have the experience to deliver your sales message efficiently and effectively …

18 March 2015

5 Reasons to choose a Singapore web developer


A person’s identity lies in this – his behavior, his dressing, his achievements and his way of speaking. Using these basic traits as parameters, the identity of a person is judged along with his reputation and utility.

18 March 2015

Rack Software


When it comes to making decision regarding the purchase of business solution software, you need to consider pros and cons of both off the rack and customized software. Here are some differences which would help you in choosing the right one for you!

18 March 2015

Few Ways A Mobile App Can Help Your Business


If you choose to make a mobile app for your business, it is important to be clear regarding your objectives from the beginning and strategize around them. Here are a number of ways a mobile app can help your business. Customer Engagement: One of the best things about the mobile app is that it offers …

17 March 2015

Effective SEO Approach Using Content Management System


There are a lot of inexpensive and cost efficient CMS’ or content management systems available in the market today. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc and you can even find in the internet where peddlers are offering some free services offering content management system. How do you rate them in terms of SEO? The fact is you ….

17 March 2015

Comparing SEM With Traditional Advertising.


In the most recent times, web business analysts have started to draw convincing comparison between SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with traditional advertising of the industrial period. The reason is because of the striking similarities in the basic features of both business advertising concepts. While trying to draw a close comparison between the two, a web …

17 March 2015

E-Marketing Strategizing


So, you have a great product that will simply breathe life into the market. Good! Now, all you need to do is market it. And what better way than to market it over the net? We are living in cyber age, after all. Umm… Not so fast, as many e-tailers are likely to forewarn you. …

17 March 2015

Social media optimization: the new buzzword


Ever since e-marketing began to take off in the 90s terms like search engine optimization and pay-per-click have become familiar buzz words. And now, the new kid on the block is a chic and savvy device known as social media optimization or SMO as it is more popularly called. As the name suggests it is …

17 March 2015

Online marketing


Internet Marketing as a Tool for Your Online Promotion If you have an internet based business or you offer website as a portal for other online shops, you can make it even better by engaging in a viable and effective way through internet marketing. This particular type of online promotion is not hard to understand …

17 March 2015

CMS websites: Joomla or Customized?


Content management system is an effective web technology which allows website owners and developers to efficiently manage website contents. There are various types of application for content management system but one of the most popularly used today especially by online marketers is the web content managemen…..

17 March 2015

Effective Tips for a Better SEO Campaign


You want to be on the First page of GOOGLE or YAHOO and perhaps to a lesser extent BING. Well it is easier said than done. To understand how an SEO campaign works is sometimes a very complicated matter but there are some basic and important things you need to know that can guide you through as you discover the benefits of search engine optimization.

17 March 2015

Social Media Marketing: Revolutionizing consumer behavior


E-marketing gurus have been emphasizing for ever so long how important SEO or search engine optimization is with regard to business. But now there is a new catchphrase doing the rounds: Social Media Optimization. It is one of the most dynamic tools of marketing and also marks a noticeable departure from traditional marketing modes. Loosely …

16 March 2015

6 Reasons why Social Media is a must for your company!


That “man is a social animal” is a well known fact, judged over years of observation and evaluation. With this social behavior came the concept of sharing their emotions on an online platform i.e. social network platforms. With the advent of the internet, many local businesses started getting international exposure Considering the fact that the …

16 March 2015

Freelancer VS Professional Web Company?


We usually think twice when it comes to choosing a freelancer of a professional web company for the optimization and marketing of our online business. Most of the experts consider that professional web companies are far better than the freelancers. Why? Some of the reasons have been mentioned below.Read up and you can judge for …

16 March 2015

Search engine Optimization ( SEO )


While many people are trying to promote themselves as the best SEO experts, they however do it wrongly. They pay Google to do it via sponsored ads. I mean.. cmon! If you are really an SEO expert , why don’t you bring your site up without paying Google to do it in the organic search …

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Ting Chen Abotaniq


We are an Australian head quartered company with an office in Singapore. Upon meeting with De Mellows team we immediately engaged them for our website and without a doubt, we made the right decision.They were very creative and came up with a great looking site and met our timeline and most of all budget.



“Avis’s skills are impressive. He is one of the best in his field and he is also a very nice person. It's always a great event working with him.”

Manuel Marino CEO


"A true blue entrepreneur in the IT business. De Mellows runs with passion for their work, service and client follow up. Creative and detailed, the company has helped develop the style and feel for Drinks At Eight. The team has been very patient throughout and clearly understands the needs of the client. Thumbs up!"

Sue Yeo Founder - Drinks At Eight


”De Mellows did a fantastic job in creating the greatest multimedia presentation for the Asian Centre for Consulting Excellence when we worked together on an ASEAN project launch recently. The skills are setting them apart from most others as does their dedication and innovative conduct for Earned Value interests of the client. Great to be working together. Going the extra miles! Any time again De Mellows”

Peter Luiks CEO - Asian Centre for Consulting Excellence


“We have worked with DeMellows on several web projects where they have been creative, punctual and good value for money.”

Rupert Sutton FMCG Commercial Director- Exigo marketing


“The decision to utilize a microsite to manage our invitations and publicity for our chalet at the Singapore Airshow 2014 was a first. De Mellows proved their skills in the set up of the marketing system for the event which was challenging because of the various criterion. Led by Avis and his team, De Mellows guided us through the whole process of getting the microsite up and provided great support in it's development, and was patient in accommodating our requirements. Thank you for all the assistance!”

Hamon Shen Assistant Manager - Singapore International Airlines ( SIA )


"We have had a few bad experiences with previous web companies hence there was an apprehension when we chose De Mellows for our online and software needs. But they were a breath of fresh air for us and really showed their expertise and professionalism. Their solutions are great and their support is excellent. They are a call away for my needs and it is comforting to know that good guys in the IT industry do exist. A BIG thank you!"

Tommy Lim AGT Pte Ltd


We Acquired Their Services After Checking and Enquiring on the Services Offered As Well As Reading Others’ Testimonials. What stood Out For Us was The Set of Holistic and Unique Approach was Proposed. Even More Respectable, was That They Delivered Eventhough The Timeline Given to Them was Too Short and Within A Month. KUDOS!

Kazim K Advantage Consulting Group


"Ferrara is proud to now have a beautifully designed and most importantly functional website. We have the team at De Mellows to thank for being able to continually adapt to our ideas and providing the support needed."

Luann Ferrara Pte Ltd


“Upon the launch of my site, I was very surprised to receive several enquiries. As the days progressed, more calls were received from interested parties requesting information on our programmes and courses. Your creativity Speaks for itself.”

Cristine Dyason Founder - Image Academy


“We have had a great experience working with De Mellows. We are already 2 years in the market and tried various ways to get more clients, but we couldn’t reach our goal. De Mellows solved this task easily in a short period of time. We didn't even expect that our customer base will increase in such a short period of time. They revamped our website and backend system, created landing pages and also created various digital platforms to bring in more clients. They also enlightened us that just doing SEM and SEO will not work which was contrary to what other digital marketers advocate. In the end, De Mellows proved their point when our sales improved. After De Mellows implemented their secret formula, our revenue shot up rapidly and it was a pleasant surprise. They are highly recommended!”

Ali Salim CEO - Hi-school.org


"The De Mellows team is an exceptional bunch. Their service was amazing and they did a good job for us for our customized software application. They did an analysis on my company and the direction we wanted and gave us favourable inputs. Unlike other IT companies who just wanted to get a quick bang for the buck by implementing an off the rack solution, they went out of the way to study our business model as well as other leading players in our industry and advised us on what to do and what not to. After the online ERP implementation, we have become more productive and faster in relating with our internal staff and our clients for sure and profits have increased 15% and this was just in a matter of months. We will be using them again in the future no doubt. Thank you! "

Steven Chen CEO - 3D Innovation


"We worked with De Mellows for our online marketing needs. De Mellows skyrocketed our web traffic, conversion and revenue. It was just unbelievable! They analysed our website and online marketing methods and made a couple of changes and it was pure genius. We thought we knew how to market ourselves online but we were wrong. We highly recommend them. Thanks a million!"

Ting Chen Abotaniq


"Our company just started a new secondary business and currently we have about 10 sales per week. As we already have had a successful experience working with De Mellows on our mobile app, we asked them for a proposal on how to increase our sales along with a few other marketing agencies. De Mellows came back with a unique online strategy coupled with assessment on our rivals and industry specifics. We were amazed by their professionalism and in-depth expertise which the others did not bring to the table. Yes our sales improved and it is steadily increasing. There is only one company in Singapore that we trust to do our online marketing and that is De Mellows!"

Olga Kornilova Bemozza
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