CMS websites: Joomla or Customized?


CMS websites

Content management system is an effective web technology which allows website owners and developers to efficiently manage website contents. There are various types of application for content management system but one of the most popularly used today especially by online marketers is the web content management system which is applicable to various forms of business models.

One of the most commonly enjoyed platform is Joomla! It is an award winning CMS platform being used by thousands if not millions around the world. Do we fancy using it? Well to be honest , No! Joomla has its advantages because it is open source and developers around the world contribute to its ever growing popularity by developing plugins and custom modules. Sometimes you have to pay to own one and other times it is free.. it depends on what it is. Overall it is ok to have but we would want to stick to creating it from scratch.

Disadvantages of Joomla

It takes a long while to learn it. It is not as easy as it looks and you can ask any developer on this if he knows the entire dynamics of Joomla and he is bound to say NO! Rigid template and you have to manage it and cannot be flexible on where you want to insert contents. It is quite fixed! It is bound to look like another site which is Joomla driven hence you are not going to get much leverage in terms of creativity. The latest version is much secure because one of our sites we created in Joomla was easily hacked into. More inclined to Social networks and community based sites because of its extensive plugins but not necessarily for business oriented website. Website seems to falter if there is heavy traffic and especially if you have a few extra modules and not a simple site. If you are or want to be popular, forget Joomla. Unless you get a seasoned developer to tweak the codes to accommodate huge traffic influx. Add on plugins can cost you and you have to get someone to integrate that too. Its urls are generally long and not SEO friendly as compared to customized versions Hard core developers like us find it hard to build on because of a lack of documentation from Joomla. If you want some off the shelf solutions, then WordPress is much better. Joomla web designers are themselves confused on how to implement some changes. It never happens to hardcore PHP developers like most web companies like us. Open source is the way and Php rocks if you ask us. We rather build and scale your website in the future without using Joomla although it is considered today as a very popular CMS. Even though we have done websites in Joomla, there were more issues that crop up when modification is to be done. It is not easy because Joomla is not flexible. There is more to it than it meets the eye.


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