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When it comes to making decision regarding the purchase of business solution software, you need to consider pros and cons of both off the rack and customized software. Here are some differences which would help you in choosing the right one for you!

When you use off the rack software, you are limited to the features which are provided by the vendors irrespective of the fact that these features are suitable to your business needs or not. In addition, it must be known that off the rack software has been created for broad range of businesses which belong from various industries. In any case, you would have to adopt the features which are provided by the off the rack software to you.

In addition, when you opt to choose off the rack software, your competitors would also be using the same. You would not like to use the software which renders same benefits to your competitors too. If you want to capture your ideas and business strategies, then you can greatly improve your efficiency by using customized software.

Off the rack software provides basic assistance in case if something is wrong as you have to understand it is not built exclusively for you hence there may be redundant functions which may confuse you.You are paying for something you don’t need!

However, when you use customized software, you are able to get detailed support from the creator of the software, who is actually your team member too. The customized software possesses the ability to improve your solutions for reducing your problems instead of providing basic solutions to your issues.

In addition to these benefits, customized software provides your business with a better rate of return on the investments. Customized software is not only used by the companies which have budgets but also smaller companies as the current PIC grant allows them to tap on the grant and have the customised software for their business. They have an ability to develop the tools of their needs. Customized software provides you with ultimate solutions on demand. So, even if you have a humble budget , you can develop customized software for your need.

The aforementioned discussion is definitely going to help you in choosing the right tool for our business problems. You can either use customized or off the rack software according to the benefits and drawbacks which they render to your business.


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