[ PODCAST ] Episode #2: 3 Tips for Creating High Converting Landing Pages

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3 Tips for Creating High Converting Landing Pages

TRANSCRIPT: Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

Hey everyone, Alex Lee here again from De Mellows – Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online. 

Today, I’ll be sharing with you three suggestions for creating a laser-focused landing page content for attracting prospects and increasing conversion rates.

1. Create powerful headlines.

Your headline should either make a compelling promise or arouse curiosity. It is what captures your readers’ attention and entices them to stay on your page. You should grab your reader’s attention so they will keep reading your content. 

One example of a catchy landing page headline is Evernote’s, “Remember Everything”. Two words. I mean, who hasn’t forgotten something important? It says it all for the company as a whole, both a solution and a mission.

Another one is Quora’s, “ Sign up to read Quora. Quora is your best source of knowledge”. Who doesn’t want to be a part of that, right?

Make it simple. Focus more on the benefits or solution that your audience will get rather than the features of what you are offering.

2. Use more testimonials.

Testimonials are an excellent way for overcoming skepticism and building credibility. If you have a live event coming soon and you’re inviting your customers, ask them if they can have a short video testimonial for you and post these testimonials on your landing page.

You can also ask your customers for written testimonials. Politely ask if they can give their feedback or opinion to your products or services. This way, you’re building credibility and proof that your products or services work.

3. Lastly, integrate an emotional hook in your headline and first paragraph.

Tapping into your prospect’s emotions is more effective and much stronger than logical selling. So it’s important to know what the problem your prospect needs to solve or study how your prospect feels about your product or service, then you can go from there.

So those are the three suggestions for creating a laser-focused landing page content for attracting prospects and increasing conversion rates.

SO thank you for listening and catch us again on our next podcast. If you need to grow your business using proven digital strategies, email us at ask@demellows.com ( a s k @ d e m e l l o w s .com ) and get your free consultation today. 

Target Multiple Keywords For SEO


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