[ PODCAST ] Episode #4: Marketing Strategies for Having Highly Effective Opt-in Forms


Marketing Strategies for Having Highly Effective Opt-in Forms

TRANSCRIPT: Target Multiple Keywords For SEO

Hey everyone, Alex Lee here again from De Mellows – Singapore’s leading digital agency. We help businesses get more clients and grow their business and authority online. 

Today, I’ll be sharing with you some marketing strategies that can help you increase the effectiveness of your email opt-in forms for more conversions.

CTA guides your visitors to opt-in.

CTAs are a powerful and great way to send people to your opt-in form if it can’t be added on your page or certain areas like footer or sidebar for several reasons. Simply add a link on your CTA buttons and poof you send them to a page where your form can be seen. It can be a sign-up for a trial, a sign-up button to your Facebook Page or contact form.

Segmentation and lead magnet choices. 

A piece of valuable information comes from a proper segmentation of your audience by offering lead magnet choices. One example is, when a user visits your homepage, a pop-up opt-in form will appear and they will be given a choice to pick one of the downloadables with topics relevant to the page but different content. Creating a follow-up email or a campaign about a sequel or continuing or could be related to the selected choice of the user when using the opt-in form. You can implement several segmentation on your opt-in form and increase leads.

Displaying multiple opt-in forms. 

One is enough but sometimes having many can be a good thing, this applies to your opt-in forms. Be creative and imaginative on how will you deliver them to the visitors. Show the offer again after several minutes or before the visitors leave your site. Insert it on your footer so they can see it wherever the page they might be. Make it more appealing to them so they won’t get annoyed for repetition, one way is to create different designs. There are lots of ways to display your opt-in form waiting for you to discover.

Okay, those are the 3 strategies to help increase the effectiveness of your email opt-ins. Use these tactics to get and entice your target audience to sign up and convert to customers. 

Thank you for listening and catch us again on our next podcast episode. 

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Target Multiple Keywords For SEO


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